Park Rules

 Trampoline Park Rules & Regulations:

  • NO running on trampolines or pads
  • NEVER land on your head, neck or feet, this can result in severe injuries
  • NO holding hands or holding another person
  • NEVER attempt skills above your ability, this is how injuries happen
  • NO sitting or lying down on the trampolines
  • If you are going to attempt to flip, tuck your chin and always land on your back

Noncompliance may result in loss of privileges!


Laser Tag Rules & Regulations

  • Do NOT enter or exit the Laser tag attraction until instructed to do so by the attendant(s).
  • No physical contact allowed.
  • No running, jumping, or horseplay of any kind.
  • No sitting or lying down in the Laser Tag arena.
  • No profanity, vulgarity, or abusive language to any staff member or guest is allowed.
  • The strap on the gun must remain attached at all times.
  • No food, gum, or drink is allowed in the Laser Tag area.

Any misconduct deemed inappropriate by the Laser Tag attendant(s) will be cause for dismissal from the Laser Tag and possibly dismissal from the park with no refunds.

EZ Tag Point System

Point System

  • Destroy Bases- 1500 points
  • Chest and Back of Vest- 200 points
  • Shoulders and Gun- 100 points
  • Elements- 100 points
  • Bases can be destroyed 3 times by each player
  • Have to hit dome on inside of bases 3 consecutive times
  • Then base will say destroyed

Weapons Selection

  • Sensor on left tip of gun to change weapon!!
  • Blaster – Main weapon – unlimited amo
  • Photon – wide laser gets multiple people at once – 3 times
  • Shield – invincibility for 10 seconds – 3 times
  • Laser Burst – rapid fire – 20 times

Infinite Lives

  • Chest and back of vest causes 3 second vest shut down
  • Gun and shoulders cause 1 second